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Galassia :: Washbasins, Toilets & Bathtubs

Why ?
1. The best prices,
2. Professional service,
3. Quick & safe worldwide delivery,

Galassia at
We hold on stock its entire offer. One part of the merchandise is available off-the-shelf in our store, while the remaining items need to be ordered in factory. The waiting time depends on the specifics of the package and the finishing of the ordered product.

Prices and discounts
Thanks to trading online, and getting our products directly from the manufacturer where we can, we are able to offer you our exclusive products at competitive prices. Products in our store are presented with list prices, don't hesitate to ask for individual quote, to obtain a discount up to 30% (negotiable in case of large orders).

Contact Us
If you are interested in the products of Laufen, we invite you to contact our consultants for further information.
or call us: +44 (0)20 8190 0360 (from 8.00 to 16.00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT))

Galassia company
galassia logoGalassia was founded in 1980 in Corchiano, Italy. The company specializes in the production of high-quality washbasins, shower trays, toilet bowls and bidets. Sophisticated style, durability, functionality and high quality are the main characteristics of the products.

Galassia proudly underlines the fact, that its factory has been established in the region considered to be the birthplace of ceramic production.

galassia galassia


Offer of Galassia
Galassia has in offer: washbasins, bathtubs, toilets & bidets. All products were designed by the best Italian designers and interior architects. All products are produced in Italy, in Galassia's factory, from the best quality materials.

Collection of Galassia

  • SmartB

  • Dream

  • Eden

  • Ergo

  • Piana

  • Meg11

  • M2

  • Materia

  • Midas

  • Sa02

  • Xes

  • EL1 / EL2

  • Mod

  • Ethos

  • Plus Design

  • Piuma

Galassia's products warranty
All of the products of Galassia are under the 2 years warranty. Our company, in charge of the distributor of the Galassia, provides with complex warranty and post-warranty services of the items purchased from our store.

See products of Galassia in our store:

  • shower trays,
  • bathroom furniture,
  • toilet bowls and bidets,
  • washbasins,
  • bathtubs,

Spare Parts
We offer spare parts to all products presented in our store. Spare parts are not shown in our internet store.
If you have any questions, we invite you to contact our consultants.

Delivery of Galassia's products
All the items acquired from our store can be delivered worldwide, cost depends on the destination address and dimensions of the consignment. :: WORLDWIDE

We are the company with 10 years' experience in this business. We sell our products to countries all over the world.





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