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We operate in UK, but we dedicate our offer to Customers from other countries as well, since we can deliver our products worldwide. We've already realized orders from all continents. Shipping costs depend on the distance and the parcel's characteristic, and they're always calculated individually for each order. Lead time depends on order's characteristic, products availability and technical parameters, and it ranges from 2 to 8 weeks

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We constantly try to keep track of the news from Italian bathroom industry, to always keep up with the latest trends, and to offer you the best products and solutions. We are direct distributors of all our brands, therefore our offer is always up-to-date and contains all products from current catalogues.

  • A new collection of washbasins from BETTE
    BETTE – a German company that at the end of 2011 presented a new collection of built-in steel washbasins. The collection is known as BetteWave and is already available in…
  • ALPI - thermostatic faucets
    ALPI S.p.A. is a modern company that specializes in the production of thermostatic faucets with the use of advanced technologies. Find original and functional products at Modern technologies used…
  • Bathroom and kitchen faucets – SOMMARIVA
    Since January 2012 our shop has been selling bathroom and kitchen faucets by an Italian company, SOMMARIVA. The company is characterized by interesting designs and high-quality workmanship. Sommariva has a…
  • ANTRAX – bathroom and bedroom radiators
    Antrax company departs from stereotypes as for the appearance of bedroom and bathrooms radiators. They look more like beautiful furniture rather than just simple radiators. Designs are carefully created by…
  • OLYMPIA ceramica – classy bathroom
    Olympia company produces only ceramic elements but the form and colour of products appeal to all Customers. Olympia is focused on producing decorated washbasins, shower trays, wall-mounted toilets and bidets.…
  • Sheer class, just HIDRA
    Hidra Ceramica has been known in Europe and America for years. It is characterized by its courageous forms, unique design and perfect execution.. The company has recently presented new designs…
  • The greatness of FALPER company
    A relatively new Italian factory which produces very interesting and beautiful bathroom items. FALPER offer bathtubs, washbasins, faucets and bathroom furniture. In the production process only high-quality materials are used…
  • SCIROCCO – radiators different than others
    The Italian company, Scirocco, has in its offer a wide array of radiators and towel-heaters of different and interesting shapes. The design of the radiators make the bathroom interior very…
    Specific and interesting design of Armando Vicario faucets appeal to architects and customers whose style and approach to bathroom décor is more sophisticated. Armando Vicario offers traditional, antique as well… :: WORLDWIDE

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