Exclusive Composite Bathroom Furniture

Our charming collection of exclusive Italian composite furniture holds a number of the the high-end quality vanities that match ingenious design with the best product solutions, in order to fully satisfy your most refined needs for comfort and beauty.

The luxurious composite bathroom furniture from our offer come in various colours and shapes, in order to fit in every interior and become a practical and attractive element of equipment, granting its owner facile maintenance, great damage resistance, comfort of use and a touch of richness and universal elegance. The top-quality composite used by the most iconic Italian manufacturers is a charming and resistant composition made of marble, pebbles and resin. It gives numerous and enhanced aesthetic effects, and serves perfectly in everyday use.

You can choose between a rich array of hanging or standing commodities and vanities from our collection of luxury composite Italian furniture. Select the exclusive composite furniture from our collection of luxury Italian commodities and introduce a lasting sense of durability and comfort into your daily hygiene activities.

Prices & Delivery
We are direct distributor of most of our brands, so thanks to bypassing intermediary we can guarantee competitive prices (negotiable in case of large orders).
Lead time depends on finishing type, quantity as well as other technical parameters, and it ranges from 2 to 8 weeks

All products bought in our store are subject to warranty (its length depends on respective producer's preferences). We also provide complex post-warranty services.

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