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Bathrooms be they at home or in hotels are tricky rooms to decorate, mainly because of the limited space normally allowed for them and the fact that they are wet areas. A beautiful wallpaper is simply out of question as it can’t withstand water spillage and steam. So the best option to beautify your bathroom is using tiles. One has a choice of marble, ceramic, stone, or even glass to achieve a lovely look. With this choice one may consider going for designer Italian mosaic tiling to add flair to functionality. This will turn your bathroom into a relaxing retreat especially if it is spacious enough to give good ambience.

designer italian glass mosaic

Designing for Luxury Deco

Bring your own Sistine chapel ceiling into your bathroom to gaze at as you laze in your bathtub after a long day out or on one of those days you are free at home. How do you design an exclusive mosaic in your bathroom? This calls for a fine artist and an interior decorator to work together to realize your dream. First, decide on best material to use and the pattern desired.

The beauty here is that you can actually render a mosaic of any figure you like including your own face! This of course is best for the wall and ceiling, but the same can be done for the floor with due care to avoid use of slippery materials. A good material for a luxury mosaic floor, would be porcelain tiles with a matte finish that is nonslip. For easy cleaning it is recommended to us urethane grout in joinery for good results. For your walls and ceiling, you can choose pictures you like and have the artist sketch them on the surfaces intended for the mosaic.

Working within this sketch with reference to the picture coloured tesserae can be expertly laid to reproduce the image to decorate your bathroom. With a personalised design, one can achieve a vanity luxury mosaic for that special personal space in your home.

Painting Mosaic into Your Home

Italian mosaics provide a wide range of mosaic materials to work with. Your designer will advise on the best of these materials to use for your specific artwork, as well as what bonding is suited for each surface. And while at it have your windows equally decorated in luxury mosaic to complete the ensemble and create absolute elegance. 

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