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Whenever one hears the word porcelain is, what will come to his or her mind first are the Chinese porcelain utensils which have been celebrated throughout history by all nations in touch with China. Porcelains can do far much more than just utensils, for example, on a wall or floor, luxury porcelain tiles can give you a reason to smile with your floor\wall tiles every time you have a look at them and you may find yourself in a very awkward situation when you’re found smiling alone in your living room and you can’t explain it.

Butdue to popularity of marble tiles, it is won’t sound too strange to find out that someone doesn’t have an idea about the enviable looks porcelain tiles can add to a floor. In terms of popularity, Italian porcelain tiles are on the lead and are still growing in popularity.

designer italian porcelain tiles

Why choose designer porcelain tiles?

  1. Due to properties of porcelain toughness, exclusive porcelain tiles can prove very durable if carefully and properly installed.
  2. The luxury porcelain tiles have another advantage due do the fact that they are made of porcelain; since porcelain can easily be modeled, the designer can make easily make the tile to look the way he wishes. This explains the charm which comes along with the Italian porcelain tiles.
  3. Since porcelain is available in three qualities; hard-paste porcelain, soft-paste and bone china porcelain, there are variety to choose from depending on how talkative your wallet is.
  4. Porcelain is permeable; water won’t take too long to dry after you’ve mopping.
  5. Due to elasticity of porcelain, they won’t break easily due to expansion. This is most probably the most outstanding advantage of porcelain tiles over other types of tiles.
  6. Porcelain is very resistant to chemical reaction. During the process of making porcelain. The constituent materials are heated in a kiln up temperatures of between 1200 to 1400 degrees Celsius. This shows how reactivity of porcelain is not as easy as that of any other ordinary material.

With all this information, clearly, the way to go is designer porcelain tiles go for utmost luxury porcelain tiles. There are exclusive porcelain tiles and those made from porcelain blended with other materials. Depending on your taste, needs and financial situation, you can search one which suits you most. But regardless of the way you go, be rest assured you won’t be disappointed. You will be the number one advocate for designer porcelain tiles. 

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