Elegant glass mosaic

Pure Italian design

A building commercial or residential house acquires its own identity, a living personae as it were after completion. And it can be described in the very terms we describe human beings, beautiful, lovely, elegant etc. Whereas this unique character may be the result of its architectural design, decorative finishes equally contribute.

One of the oldest and timeless art forms that are used to this end is Italian mosaic. Italians have kept this art from the Roman and Byzantine period when it flourished in the ancient world, and even today still produce unique and exclusive mosaic material for use by artists. One such great company is the Orsoni factory in Venice renowned for their top quality pure smalti and byzantine gold leaf used all over the world to bring elegance to palaces, cathedrals, public halls and private homes.

elegant italian glass mosaic

Splashing a Mosaic of Colours Elegantly

To achieve outstanding elegance in your decoration, engage an interior decorator to assess the intended surface, wall, ceiling or floor and discuss the colour scheme best suited for use. You then decide on the sketch form to be used and finally visit the materials factory to select what you need. Luxury mosaics are versatile and can be used beyond the traditional understanding as pieces of visible art in open spaces.

The Italian mosaic has been highly developed with plenty of colours and base material to fit in with contemporary designs. This means that luxury mosaics under expert application can very easily replace wall paper as interior deco of choice. This is absolute royal elegance in homes. Forget the now routine wall paper patterns, you get to cover your walls in real fine art turning your house into an exclusive mosaic gallery.

Liven up Your Contemporary Home with Classic Mosaic

You can buy paintings to hang on your walls for decoration, but these are overrated and quite expensive too. You also constantly worry about theft and have to take out hefty insurance for your paintings. Why all this trouble when you can turn entire walls in your house into elegant art gallery.

It is cheaper than the paintings and it is built into the wall that no thief can yank off. Besides luxury mosaic is made from material that is easy to keep clean. Splash your home with a touch of renaissance art in bright mosaic colours affordably and be the envy of your friends.

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