Exquisite glass mosaic

Beautiful & best style at home

A hotel’s lobby and reception must display majestic splendour at first sight. Its first impression must leave the guest in awe and at home. The decoration of this all important part of the hotel must be done right to give a good impression. This impression must carried on through the hallways and into the rooms as well.

Hotel rooms can be very impersonal, plain and unwelcoming. So how do you impress and attract hotel customers to make return visits? Give a slice of sophistication and at the same time homely touch to interior decoration. The best solution is incorporating luxury mosaic theme into the interiors for the floor, the walls and the ceilings hugging your guest all round in sheer opulence. Carefully selected Italian mosaics crafted by qualified artisans will produce sensational results.

exquisite italian glass mosaic

Splendid Luxury Mosaic Display for High End Hotels

As stated above hotel rooms can be so unattractive, they leave one feeling homesick and a desire to cut the hotel stay short. A good hotel management will go all out to make their guests’ stay happy and memorable. One way to achieve this is in having excellent decoration and furnishing. Definitely staring at a wall or ceiling painted in one monotonous colour is not inspiring. As such invest in some good exclusive mosaic around the room to compliment the furniture and give a home feel, to inspire your guests for another visit.

Do not leave the bathroom out, give it a splash of luxury mosaic to relax your guests. Establish your identity as a hotel of choice by how you decorate, for it says a lot about the standards of service expected at first sight. Instead of using large plain tiles of whatever material, opt for multi coloured small tesserae laid out artistically and drawing inspiration from the locality. Let your guests not only enjoy your picturesque murals, but also learn about the hotel and its town or country.

Mosaics Help Save in Cleaning Costs

Hotel lobbies and hallways experience very high traffic daily and cleaning can be quite a challenge, more so if the walls are finished in regular paint. Dressing walls with tiles makes it easier to clean and using luxury mosaic for such walls has the added advantage of exquisite mosaic beauty on your hallways and lobbies. Italian mosaic comes highly recommended to give a splendid five star finish and are durable. 

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