Exclusive Exposed Faucets / Taps

Our refined selection of exclusive exposed faucets will provide you with the most ingenious solutions and the best Italian design, in order to help you create the wonderful, sumptuous bathroom of your dreams. Choose the optimal mounting holes number of our master exposed faucets - two, three or more, and choose the perfect regulation method - thermostatic, two lever, electronic or with mixer.

Decide if you wish to bring an exclusive exposed angular bathtub faucet or a rounded shower mixer into your bathroom, and choose your favourite style of our luxury exposed Italian faucets, be it the classic, modern or the antique one.

Whether you decide to introduce a white, black, bronze or brushed bronze master exposed faucet from our luxurious collection, your will gain an unequalled opportunity to enjoy the perfect quality and comfort of use of our products in your daily bathroom experiences. Choose from our most refined collection of exclusive luxury Italian exposed faucets, and benefit daily from their countless assets.

Prices & Delivery
We are direct distributor of most of our brands, so thanks to bypassing intermediary we can guarantee competitive prices (negotiable in case of large orders).
Lead time depends mainly on finishing type, and it ranges from 2 to 8 weeks.

All products bought in our store are subject to warranty (its length depends on respective producer's preferences). We also provide complex post-warranty services.

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