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Hoesch :: Bathtubs, Shower Trays & Shower Cubicles

Hoesch company
hoesch logoHoesch is one of the major companies on the bathroom equipment market, with mission to create the places of comfort and relaxation. All thanks to the high-quality sanitaryware, which is characterized by the perfect elaboration and impressive design solutions.

Hoesch company has been awarded with the most important certificates and prizes for the design and the regard for the standards. Hoesch is a solid company with noble priorities and tradition.

hoesch hoesch


Offer of Hoesch
Hoesch has in offer: bathtubs, shower cubicles, shower trays.
All products were designed by the best German designers and interior architects. All products are produced in Germany, in Hoesch's factory, from the best quality materials.

Prices and discounts
Prices in our store are the official prices from producer's catalog. However, in case of larger orders these prices are negotiable. Possible discount depends on the value of the order.

Collection of Hoesch

  • Arica

  • Armada

  • Aviva

  • Avventura

  • Benidorm

  • Capri

  • Ciela

  • Combi

  • Cuatro

  • Deluxe

  • Dreamscape

  • Ergo+

  • Foster

  • Giorno

  • Happy D.

  • Laola II

  • Largo

  • Medici

  • Michigan

  • Modula

  • Muna

  • Namur

  • Nevada

  • One&One

  • Ontario

  • Oriental

  • Orlando

  • Parana

  • Philippe Starck

  • Putma

  • Regatta

  • Reviva II

  • Santee

  • Scelta

  • Sensamare

  • Sensamare Delight

  • Senseease

  • Senseperience

  • Sensesation

  • Singlebath

  • Spectra

  • Squadra

  • Steambox

  • Steamset

  • Tacna

  • Tergum

  • Thasos

  • Topeka

  • Waikiki

  • Water Lounge

  • Winnipeg

  • Zero

Hoesch's products warranty
All of the products of Hoesch are under the 2 years warranty. Our company, in charge of the distributor of the Hoesch, provides with complex warranty and post-warranty services of the items purchased from our store.

Hoesch in
As the distributor of the Hoesch we hold on stock its entire offer. One part of the merchandise is available offhand in our store, while the remaining items need to be ordered in factory. The waiting time depends on the specifics of the package and the finishing of the ordered product.

See products of Hoesch in our store:

  • shower trays,
  • shower cubicles,
  • bathtubs,

Spare Parts
We offer spare parts to all products presented in our store. Spare parts are not shown in our internet store.
If you have any questions, we invite you to contact our consultants.

Contact Us
If you are interested in the products of Hoesch, we invite you to contact our consultants for further information.

Lucas: & Ewelina:

Delivery of Hoesch's product
All the items of merchandise acquired from our store are expedited worldwide with the price depending on the destination address and the gauge of the package. :: WORLDWIDE

We are the company with 10 years' experience in this business. We sell our products to countries all over the world.





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