IB Rubinetterie Bold - raw, industrial style at its best

IB Rubinetterie Bold - raw, industrial style at its best - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

High class Italian bathroom fittings

Designed by the duo Federico Castelli & Antonio Gardoni, the Bold collection is inspired by the design of industrial taps, bold (as the name suggests) and exceptional offer from the renowned Italian brand IB Rubinetterie.
Industrial aesthetics is manifested in the unpretentious shapes and forms, while the knurled surfaces of handles add some character - they emphasize the style of these taps and make the grip secure and comfortable. IB reinterpreted the idea of industrial taps, whose most important features were always solidity, durability and safety of use, adding a unique Italian design and famous attention to detail.
In the Bold collection you can find everything you need for a comprehensive bathroom arrangement - basin, bidet, bath and shower faucets. We have a variety of solutions available, both surface-mounted and concealed, as well as free-standing, which gives us the opportunity to adjust the choice to our needs and capabilities.
The unquestionable advantage of this collection, as well as most of the proposals from IB Rubinetterie, is the multitude of available finishes. In the Bold series, we have as much as 10 finishes. We can find here classic chrome, as well as several shades of gold, black matte or black chrome in two versions - polished or brushed. Undoubtedly, the most interesting and the most bold proposition is raw brass - unprotected, therefore 'aging'. Over time, the faucet overlaps with patina and takes on an individual character. Certainly, this is not a proposal for everyone, but this finish will help to create a truly unique environment.
In the Bold collection we also have two types of handles to choose from - Bold Round with knobs, Bold Lever with levers. In combination with ten finishes, it gives us a lot of possibilities to customize our product and adapt it to our needs and expectations.
The Bold collection will work great in spaces totally inspired by the harsh industrial style, but the taps from this collection can also be successfully used in somewhat warmer arrangements, in which they will be a strong accent, giving the interior a slightly more 'masculine' character.
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