Exclusive Blends mosaic

The application of one of our luxury mosaic blends will enhance the aesthetic side of each restroom, and endow it with a lasting touch of fantasy and luminosity. A wide choice of rejuvenating colours of our mosaic tiles, paired with their various sizes and patterns will allow you to create a great number of fantastic and original compositions, and to realize your creative arrangement visions at a very high level of precision.

You can select and match your favourite colours from our extended palette in order to achieve your original unique blend, or use the fantastic compositions prepared by the best Italian producers. You can also join various blends, and play with different patterns.

The impeccable quality of our luxury Italian mosaic tiles guarantees a perfect and facile application, lasting comfort and pleasure of use. Set your imagination free and indulge in our endlessly charming luxury Italian mosaic blends in order to create the ideal bathroom of your dreams.

Prices & Delivery
We are direct distributor of most of our brands, so thanks to bypassing intermediary we can guarantee competitive prices (negotiable in case of large orders).
Lead time depends on availability, and it ranges from 2 to 8 weeks

All products bought in our store are subject to warranty (its length depends on respective producer's preferences). We also provide complex post-warranty services.

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