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Exclusive Shading Blends mosaic

luxury shading blends mosaicIf you wish to obtain an utterly original and fantastic aesthetic effect in your bathroom, take a closer look at our selection of luxury shading blends, made entirely by the best Italian producers. Our beautiful top-quality mosaic tiles come in many sizes and surface patterns, in order to utterly enhance the aesthetic side of your bathroom.

A wonderful variety of colours, ranging from sophisticated and warm golden to elegant and refreshing marine blue, will give you a freedom of choice, and an unmatched opportunity to arrange your bathroom with great taste and elegance. You can choose from the more plain to curve cubes, as well as decide between the intense and pure, or more delicate shades.

You can combine different sizes, and apply our luxurious shading blends on a chosen surface or overall in your bathroom, in order to create a glamorous and unmatched beauty effect in your lavatory. Consider our wonderfully rich offer of luxury shading blends, and benefit from the Italian style and elegance in your everyday life.

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We are direct distributor of most of our brands, so thanks to bypassing intermediary we can guarantee competitive prices (negotiable in case of large orders).
Lead time depends on availability, and it ranges from 2 to 8 weeks

All products bought in our store are subject to warranty (its length depends on respective producer's preferences). We also provide complex post-warranty services. :: WORLDWIDE

We are the company with 10 years' experience in this business. We sell our products to countries all over the world.