SCIROCCO – radiators different than others

SCIROCCO – radiators different than others

scirocco italian bathroom radiators
SCIROCCO – radiators different than others - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

The Italian company, Scirocco, has in its offer a wide array of radiators and towel-heaters of different and interesting shapes.

The design of the radiators make the bathroom interior very exclusive and they are perceived more as an element of the décor than a heating appliance. All the Italian bathroom fittings are unique and beautiful but there is no doubt that Scirocco products are original enough to surprise everyone.

Towel-heaters in the shape of paper clips, blocks or snakes have already appealed to jury and many Customers. The quality of Scirocco radiators are very durable and they are made of fine and solid materials. All the Scirocco products can be found in our shop and at the producer's site.

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