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Pure style and luxury in your bathroom

Art has always been the standard for measuring human civilisation. Art is a human endeavour undertaken and enjoyed only after satisfying the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. In other words it is a civilised society with developed economic activities and security that can indulge in leisure activities like music and art whether literary or creative. And somewhere in the ancient past, supposedly in Mesopotamia one such form of art, the mosaic, developed. At the time it was just a simple pebble arrangement that developed to what it is today what the very name denotes a lovely pattern (mosaic) of colours. Exclusive mosaic art survived passage of time and claims its rightful place in contemporary art.

stylish italian glass mosaic

Adorning Ancient Churches with Mosaics

Initially Italian mosaic or Roman mosaic as was traditionally known started in Sicily and that centre of the arts, Venice and Florence. Back then it was deployed by the church to create a pictorial narrative of religious messages or historical events mostly on church and palace walls. This has come a long way to the current application in architecture, art deco, in homes and public places. Italian mosaic can used in murals, and custom wall tiling, floors, sculpture and windows with glass mosaic. The attraction of mosaic is its range of usage options. A large wall mural can be done in luxury mosaic more affordably than would have otherwise cost using art paint and is long lasting. They are also designed for easy maintenance as ordinary cleaning with water will suffice.

Readily Available Materials for Your Mosaic

Other than artistic use, mosaics can be used in architecture as external wall cladding, interior walls, floors and decorative sculptures. Mosaics are functional and decorative at the same time. Most mosaic can be made from a variety of materials ranging from ceramic pieces, broken coloured glass and mirrors, assorted beads, seashells, discarded used tiles and even broken china from the kitchen. These type of base materials mean the final cost is fairly low. However labour will cost more as this is a highly labour intensive task assembling the tesserae (pieces) into the desired pattern. Once your Italian mosaic is assembled, it will last a long time with minimal maintenance.

So if you want to put a stylish sparkle to your entry porch, living room floor, wall or ceiling a luxury mosaic is priceless and cheaper than paintings.  

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