Exclusive Standing toilets

Be it antique, classical or modern, a wide range of our luxury standing toilets certainly holds what you need in order to turn your restroom into an opulent zone of daily relaxation and wellness.

The refined and smart design of our top-quality standing toilets lets an air of discreet beauty to each restroom and helps to use its space ergonomically. The best product solutions allow to maximize the comfort of use and minimize the efforts necessary to maintain the cleanliness of our elegant, standing WCs. The beautifully polished surfaces in white, black or other colour, as well as as set of wonderfully elaborated materials guarantee a great comfort of use and a strong aesthetic effect.

Consider the oval, rectangular and round shapes of our luxury toilets, and go for the best aesthetic effect in your bathroom. Enjoy the beauty, comfort and durability of the top-quality Italian sanitaryware by choosing a luxurious standing toilet from our offer.

Prices & Delivery
We are direct distributor of most of our brands, so thanks to bypassing intermediary we can guarantee competitive prices (negotiable in case of large orders).
Lead time depends mainly on availability, and it ranges from 2 to 8 weeks.

All products bought in our store are subject to warranty (its length depends on respective producer's preferences). We also provide complex post-warranty services.

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